HIIT Workout of the Month

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Coming up to the silly season, our time poor society becomes even more time poor, which is hard to believe really but it’s true.  The first thing that is set to be pushed aside is exercise, because let’s face it, it isn’t as fun as a champagne breakfast or Christmas drinks after work!

So, to make it easy for you this silly season, here is one of my favourite HIIT workouts that can be done in the lounge room, staff room, conference room or anywhere that you can find a piece of floor.  It’s simple and easy, but most of all IT’S EFFECTIVE and FAST!

If you have 10 minutes then do 2 sets

If you have 15 minutes do 3 sets

And if you only have 5 minutes do 1 set.

Now you have no excuses this festive season.

45 seconds Burpees First Movement:

·       Legs together

·       Bend legs till you can touch the floor.



Burpee 1

Second Movement:

·       With hands on the floor, kick feet out (backwards) into push up position.



Burpee 2







Third Movement:

·       Spring back up into standing position.


Burpee 3

15 Seconds rest
45 seconds Dynamic planks Towel ·       Suck stomach in

·       Keep shoulders, hips and ankles at the same height.


Dynamic Plank 1

·       Then, extend 1 arm straight. (2)

Dynamic Plank 2











·       Then the other arm.

·       Drop back down into ‘plank’ position.






Dynamic Plank 3

15 Seconds rest
45 seconds Jump Lunges First Movement;

·       Drop your back knee straight down to the floor

·       Back straight


Jump Lunges

Second Movement;

·       Jump in the air (switching legs in the air)


Jump Lunges 2


















Third Movement;

·       Perform a lunge on the opposite leg.


Jump Lunges 3

15 Seconds rest
45 seconds Dips 1 x chair

1 x sofa

·   Hands at hip width

·   Drop body down till elbows are at 90 degrees on the seat/bench



Dips 1









·   Keep back straight throughout the movement (2)

Dips 2

 15 Seconds rest
45 seconds Sit ups Towel ·       Bend legs till your heels are close to your bum.

·       Place both hands on your legs


Sit ups 1












·       SLIDE our hands up your legs until your fingers are above your knee caps.



Sit ups 2

15 Seconds rest